Who are we ?


LECSY is a young French clothing brand created by Alexis LECONTE.
LECSY is the contraction of his father's surname LECONTE and his mother's first name Sylvie.
We have fun making our clothes and want to spread our good vibes around the world.
We take our inspiration trough the urban style to offer you comfortable garments while adding a touch of freshness and elegance.
Our pieces are colorful and made to make you smile and be self-confident.
We trust that everyone should believe in their dreams and make their dreams come true.
The only limit is our imagination.
We believe in a better world. Our goal is to make our planet and the textile industry cleaner.
For this reason, we have decided to use only organic and recycled materials to make our clothes.
We think that too little is better than too much, which is why our garments are in limited quantities.
We are only at the beginning of our story, the best things are yet to come.